From Russia For Love

From Russia, For Love

Duration: 52min

Shot over 3 years, From Russia, For Love follows the story of older Russian children who are adopted by North American families. Documentary filmmaker Julia Ivanova, an adoption coordinator herself, is allowed full access to Russia’s orphanage system, the children’s lives, and intimate moments with the new families.

The subject of adoption from Russia has been in the news recently due to the ban on US adoptions of Russian orphans. Over the past 20 years, tens of thousands of Russian children have been adopted by foreign nationals and this film is an ode to the love that is in the hearts of these individuals.

The film was released 12 years ago so the children, featured in the film, are now in their twenties. If you would like to know how things worked out after we stopped filming please view videos from Clare among uploaded videos on the home page.

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From Russia For Love, 8.8 out of 10 based on 12 ratings